Embroidery Haute Saone, Erdem Creations was founded in 2001 by Mr Turgut Erdem, it is the fruit of 20 years of international experience in the trade.

All employees are from the embroidery sector and the high motivation of the team guarantees the reliability and responsiveness of the company. The original creations of Erdem Creations are in compliance with the know-how derived from the tradition of the French art embroidery.

Through the use of very modern machines and control of a proprietary knowledge, Erdem Creations has become the prestigious provider customers in international markets.

The development will continue to export through a dynamic commercial policy.

On the French market, Erdem Creations has developed complete ranges in the ready-to-wear, marketed since 2003.


In respect of immutable techniques to embroidery art, our team uses very modern equipment.


We have a hardware to enable rapid implementation of stitching plans.


  • 15 Heads of Trades, Field 600 x 400, 9 thread colors.
  • A Activity 15 Heads Display Colour Field 750 x 400, 9 thread colors.
  • A Activity 4 Heads, 15 colors with Retractable Table
  • 4 Stitchers
  • 1 Overlock
  • a bourdonneuse
  • A digital cutting table
  • 1 day-scale Machine
  • 1 embroiderer hand guide


Suggested items:

Embroidered T-Shirt

Embroidered T-Shirt 190 grams, sizes S to XLEmbroidered T-shirt child. Price: 12€

shirt child 0-2 years and 14-16 years. Price: 7€

Polo. Price: 21€

Fleece jackets

Fleece jackets (mixed). Price: 35€

330 g / m ² Adult sizes Fleece jackets arched. Price: 26€

Fleece jackets child. Price: 25€

Adult jacket vest. Price: 25€

Contour padded bidet and padded bath mat

Contour padded bidet. Price: 18€

Padded bath mat.Price: 28€

Embroidered cap

Embroidered cap + Custom logo. Price: 7€


adult bathrobe. Price: 64€

Children’s bathrobe (with embroidery, large choice of color).

0-4 years. Price: 22€

4-8 years. Price: 25€

8-10 years. Price: 30€


Dress. Price: 70€

Set of child bed

Set of child bed. Price: 70€ the set


Cropped. Price: 40€

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